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Patrick writes fiction (thrillers) and non-fiction (nature conservation.

FEAR is a medical thriller set, for the most part in Boston, USA. Something in a river in China is killing people. An American medical team is drawn in. Whatever this thing is, it surfaces in Massachusetts, USA. An entire hospital in Boston is overrun. Then the strange material pours into the Charles River that winds through the city.

A young Japanese-American lady doctor is the heroine. By dogged determination, in spite of opposition, she discovers what the killing agent is.

There is also romance too between her an an eccentric entomologist. The novel ends on an uplifting note.

Nature Conservation writing: Four months living in a First Nation’s village in Canada gave Patrick a deep affection for wilderness areas. Planet Dancing, published by Open Gate Press, London, captures something of the mysteries and the wonders of nature that are to be found all around us.

A second fiction thriller – The Bronoski Temptation – set mostly in Texas, USA, will be published shortly.

Short Stories: A number have been published/broadcast on radio and, to my surprise, some have even received awards.

One area of writing I have not cracked is that of writing a play. I intend to keep trying, and perhaps something might eventually spark over into an acceptable creation.

Creative Writing: Writing is a strange undertaking. When it is going well it is wonderful indeed. Then there are other times! It is good for writers to share ideas and experiences; even bad experiences. We can learn from each other. I hope that we can engage in this way on this web site.


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